A Compilation of All AdWords Updates of 2017

Google AdWords, as we all know, is the face of Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Google holds nearly 70% of the Internet search volume . As a result, 97% of Google's revenue comes from advertising. What does this mean for Google? – Benchmark: AdWords Updates –

This means that Google needs to check and balance the performance of AdWords, day in and day out. Google in particular must keep advertisers' interests and their money healthy. As a result, Google regularly posts AdWords updates.

Every year, AdWords sees a plethora of updates. These upgrades are often strategic advances, of course. But sometimes they are a lot more like the redesign of the UI that was launched this year.

All these constant changes make it difficult to track certain advertisers. So, staying on top of AdWords updates (gaming) is often a bit of a task. As a result, I took the liberty of compiling all the 2017 AdWords updates in an easy-to-read article. Relive 2017!

January –

Advertisers can share negative keywords on different accounts under the admin account.
Dynamic text ads offer more customization with the introduction of IF functions and DEFAULT values.

February –

AdWords removed campaign experiences and instead presented drafts and experiences, a better way to evaluate and implement the changes.

March –

Google has announced that mobile devices also support price extensions . As a result, users on mobile devices see the prices of your products.
The default window for post-view conversions is now adjusted to 1 day instead of 30 days.
Location Extensions are now online on the Google Display Network.
The scope of the exact keywords is extended to include reformulation and reorganization.
The average target CPA metric (Actual CPA vs Target CPA) is introduced so advertisers can better understand their spend and bid strategies.
Google introduced three new features for Dynamic Search Ads, including page feeds, expanded ads, and quality enhancements.
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<h6> April – </h6>
<p>Post-view conversion metrics are also available for Gmail ads. While previously, they were limited to video campaigns and the broadcast of network ads.<br />
Smart Display campaigns with automatic ad creation, bidding, and targeting are available to advertisers. <br /> <img class= Landing Pages " allows you to view statistics such as mobile usability and clicks for each of your landing page URLs. This is a feature of the new AdWords experience.
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Google has added two new Shopping metrics to AdWords: "Product Status Report" and "Absolute Impression Sharing". While product status reports provide information on the status of approval / rejection of products in Merchant Center, the highest absolute impression percentage indicates what percentage of the product is in the Merchant Center. Total impression matched your ads. The highest rate of impressions is available for in-store purchases and product listings. <br /> <img class= Call only ads have extensions! Advertisers can include their placement, a caption, and a structured snippet of their Call Only ads.
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The ad rotation settings have been changed, for the better, of course. Instead of "optimize for conversions" and "rotate uniformly," we now have "optimize for better ads" and "rotate ads indefinitely". <br /> <img class= location extensions and measure store visits with YouTube ads.
Advertisers can now see the delay between a click and a conversion. It is available under "conversion days".
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Advertisers can now target users based on their "home" income using demographic targeting.
Affiliate site extensions are available on the Google Display Network. <br /> <img class= IMAGES

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