AdWords Ad Suggestions – Pros & Cons of Google’s new AdWords addition

Most of you should have already started seeing the AdWords map of ad suggestions in the "Recommendations" tab of the new Google AdWords interface. If you are not, do not worry. You will see them soon.

I would like to discuss this new addition, adwords ad suggestions, in depth in this article.

If you are wondering what to discuss, believe me, there are many.

Let's go!

AdWords ad suggestions are changes to your current text ads that Google believes would help improve the performance of your campaigns. You will see these suggestions in the "Recommendations" tab of the new AdWords interface.

That's good, right? Google helps you improve your ads. Yes, that's it. But there is a catch. Google will automatically apply these changes to your ads after 14 days of suggestion.

What this basically means is that you could have ads that you have not approved, created or whose words you know.

How does Google suggest AdWords ads?

Google has announced that it will use existing data in your account to offer these suggestions. It reads aspects of advertising such as titles, ad descriptions, extensions, and landing page content.

Google said that artificial intelligence (machine learning & other components) under human supervision would create initial advertising copies.

Google would also consider various other settings from keywords, target audiences, ad serving settings, and so on.

Why has Google implemented AdWords ad suggestions?

Google said that the purpose of AdWords ad suggestions and other such initiatives involving AI is to make AdWords more efficient and easily accessible to advertisers.

Google believes that such automation is necessary because it alleviates the burden of advertisers while reducing the scope of the error.

Before giving my opinion on this update, let me show you how to handle the suggestions of ads.

How to Manage AdWords Ad Suggestions?

Advertisers have full control over ad suggestions. You can edit, apply, or reject a suggestion from the recommendations page.

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<p> If an ad suggestion is automatically applied, you will see a label "self-applied ad suggestion". You can edit, pause, or delete it like other ads. </p>
<p> To stop receiving suggestions from AdWords ads, you need to go to the Account Settings page and turn off Auto Ad suggestions. </p>
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