AdWords Campaign Status Explained

The status of the AdWords campaign is an indicator of the current status of a campaign in AdWords. The "status" column contains this information.

The status column contains information about the campaign and its bid strategy.

The status of the AdWords campaign indicates whether your campaigns are running or if they are stopped due to errors such as budget restrictions.

How to check the status of the AdWords campaign?

Sign in to your AdWords account.
Click on "campaigns" in the menu of the page on the left.
Look at the "status" column next to the "daily budget" column.

Different status of the AdWords campaign

There are six different AdWords campaign statuses. I explained the meaning and corrections of the articles below.

Eligible: Eligible campaigns are active and can serve ads. If Google indicates that your campaign is "eligible" and your ads are not showing, it may be because of different reasons. You can check the status of ads from the menu on the left.

Suspended: Paused campaigns are inactive because the AdWords user has manually suspended them. The ads in these campaigns do not show up. And while the campaigns are suspended, they do not accumulate new costs. To reactivate a paused campaign, click the status icon.

Deleted: Deleted campaigns are also inactive because the user deleted them manually.

Waiting: The pending campaigns are inactive because their scheduled start date is still in the future. To adjust the start date and the end date of the campaigns, select a campaign and check the option of the settings in the menu of the page on the left.

Completed: Completed campaigns are inactive because their expected end date is earlier.

Limited by budget: Budget campaigns are active campaigns. But the ads are not showing because the budget is limited. You can adjust the daily campaign budget by clicking on the pencil icon next to "Daily Budget".

Status of the AdWords Auction Strategy

The table on page " Campaigns " contains a column " Auction Strategy " that contains auction information that could affect the performance of campaigns.

Learn more about the status of the auction strategy.

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