Engagement in AdWords Display and Shopping Network Ads

A commitment in Adwords occurs when a customer takes action on ads. For different types of ads, Google has different commitments.

Lightbox Ads: A commitment for Lightbox ads is when a user develops ads.
Video ads: For video ads, Google records engagements when people click on an ad or when they develop a map.
Promotional Ads of a Video Application: Google records a commitment for a promotional ad when a user watches the video for 10 seconds or the entire video if it is less than 10 seconds or if it clicks on the video.
View Shopping ads: For Shopping Showcase ads, users must show ads and spend at least 10 seconds or click on ads for Google to see the interaction as a commitment in AdWords.

Engagement columns are available in AdWords statistics . They allow you to measure how users interact with different ads.

Participation measures in AdWords

AdWords has five engagement statistics. Continue reading to find out more.

Commitments: A commitment in AdWords occurs when users interact with your ads.
Interaction rate: The interaction rate is the number of times that users have increased your ads, divided by the number of impressions of your ads.
Average EPC: The average cost per commitment is the amount Google charges you for each ad extension. The average EPC is available in the average CPC column for Showcase ads.
Clicks: Clicks occur when people click your ad and go to your website / landing page.
Free Clicks: Free Clicks are commitments that are not counted as actual clicks. For example, developing a Lightbox ad, hovering over a video ad, and so on. The free clicks report is now available in the "Clicks" column.

Note: The statistics for Shopping Showcase ads are available in the Ad and Ad Groups pages. Showcase ad metrics are not available on the Products or Product Groups pages.

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