Getting Started with Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords

Dynamic Search Ads (ADS) is an incredible approach to reaching traffic that we could never have achieved otherwise. They catch different searches for which we have no ads. These targets can lead to a way to explore more opportunities. Dynamic search-targeted ads can increase the potential of your search campaigns.

We'll learn more about DSAs and how to set up DSA campaigns in this blog.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads are non-Google keyword-based ads based on the search query and the content of your website.

Google uses its organic crawlers to analyze the content of your website for search terms. Once matches are found, Google creates an appropriate title based on the search query and the ad text based on the most appropriate landing page.

With Dynamic Search Ads, you can promote your new products / services or existing ones without having to create an exhaustive list of keywords.

Like all other ads, DSA also enters the auction once Google generates them dynamically. However, if you already have an eligible keyword ad for the search query, Google will retain the DSA.

How to enable Dynamic Search Ads?

You can set up dynamic search-targeted ads by activating them at the campaign level first. You can create a new campaign and enable dynamic search from additional settings.

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