New Google AdWords Features Announced at SMX Advanced 2018

At Search Marketing Expo Advanced, Google announced new Google AdWords features. These features include extending affiliate location extensions, competitive pricing information, and Google Shopping Action Program updates.

Here are the new Google AdWords features announced at SMX Advanced 2018:

YouTube Affiliate Extensions Extension

Affiliate site extensions help manufacturers and marketers to offer stores that sell their products to users on Google. This extension was available for search and display campaigns earlier. But now, affiliate site extensions can also be seen on YouTube. Yes, you can use these extensions with TrueView in-stream ads and bumper ads to target users on YouTube.

When users click on affiliate place extensions, they see a map with highlights of all the stores where your products are available. See the image below.

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<p> Not only can you also measure store visits with the help of affiliate site extensions if these ads accumulate enough data In addition, Google suggests an increased CTR of 15% or higher for YouTube ads with affiliate site extensions. </p>
<p> <a href= Learn more about AdWords ad extensions .

Local Catalog Ads for Mobile on a Display Network

Google announced that by the end of June, advertisers would be able to use ads from the local catalog. Local catalog ads are mobile-friendly interactive ads that consist of a "hero image" and maps with details of your products.

The image of the hero is a header image or a cover image. The cards consist of an image of the product, price and availability (in stock). Users can scroll through the ads easily. See the image below.

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<p> Google ran the beta testing for local catalog ads with different advertisers, and they published reports from French home appliance retailer Boulanger.Les results are promising </p>
<p> Baker organized a promotional event for the spring of 2018. And what better than to test a Google product that promises a commitment of users and sales? So they used local catalog ads. </p>
<p> Baker introduced a "hero image" lifestyle, a season-hugging message and products designed for local in-store promotion. </p>
<p> This campaign resulted in more than 20,000 store visits and 42x ROAS for Boulanger. </p>
<p> Learn more about store visits. </p>
<p> "This new format (Local Catalog Ads) can complement your traditional print campaigns – including catalogs, flyers and flyers – with the audience and measurement benefits of digital advertisements," says Surojit. Chatterjee in the new Google AdWords SMX Advanced ad. </p>
<h3> Local Food Partnership Program </h3>
<p> Local inventory flows are mandatory for advertisers who serve local inventory ads and local catalog ads. And as we all know, setting up local inventory flows is a bit of a task. </p>
<p> To ease the pressure, Google has announced the launch of a new Local Feed Partnership program as part of the new features of Google AdWords. </p>
<p> "The new program allows suppliers of point-of-sale or inventory data, such as <a href= Cayan Pointy Linx and yReceipts to provide sales and inventory data to Google on behalf of merchants, so that they do not have to create their own local product streams, "says Surojit Chatterjee at the new announcement of Google AdWords features at SMX Advanced.

That's not all: retailers can post free inventory of their local products on the "See what's in store" feature. This feature is available in the search pane. See the image below.

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<h3> Price Benchmarks for Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads </h3>
<p> We all understand that the price of products has an impact on the quality of their sale. Often, we may offer the best prices, yet buyers might see it as expensive. The way here is when users can compare product prices from different retailers. </p>
<p> Google announced the launch of product price tests as one of the new SMX Google AdWords features. </p>
<p><img class= form of interest through which retailers can join the Shopping Actions program. While several thousand retailers have shown enthusiasm, only 70 are live at the moment. Google is still testing the platform.

However, the data suggests that advertisers see an increase in the total number of clicks and conversions at a lower cost-per-click and lower cost-per-conversion after joining Google Shopping actions. Google has compiled this data from February to June 2018. Not only that, Google Shopping ads already tend to 2018 .

Learn more about the actions of Google Shopping .

In summary, the new Google AdWords features introduced at SMX Advanced on June 11 are:

The affiliate place extension on YouTube, the local catalog ads and the local feed wire partnership program help you highlight your geographic position to redirect customers to your physical stores. .
Price benchmarks provide pricing information with which you can adjust your bids, set pricing strategies for your products, and understand the performance trends of your products in terms of competitor pricing.
The Google Shopping Actions report suggests that advertisers had better conversions and clicks at lower costs.

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