Shopping Actions by Google – Shopping Made Easy!

Google Shopping has been on the rise; it is not a news. Amazon managed to eat up Google's share in the product marketing segment. However, retailers are rushing to Amazon to advertise while more and more buyers are turning to Amazon ; leaving Google in consternation. Shopping Actions is Google's effort to win back buyers as well as retailers.

Google has learned the needs of consumers, and the data suggests that consumers want shopping experiences that allow them to shop whenever they want.

This program aims to provide consumers with the seamless buying experience they need. Customers can purchase products using the Google Assistant and Google Search from their mobile devices, desktops, and Google Home devices.

How can Shopping actions benefit retailers?

The buying stock is not customer centric. It also helps retailers grow their business by reaching customers at the right time and in the right place.

Retailers who choose to sign up for Shopping Actions can take advantage of Google's investments in machine learning, AI and natural language processing. Retailers can offer their customers a revolutionary, hands-free, voice-based shopping experience.

With personalized recommendations and one-click replenishment, retailers can train casual customers as repeat customers.

Customers can use Google's sharable listings, universal shopping cart and instant cashouts to purchase products in a jiffy.

Model of Payment for Sale

Google has introduced a pay-for-sale model where retailers only pay when a sale takes place. Google lists the purchase actions within the sponsored business unit on the Google search page and on the Google Shopping website.

In addition, Google's first business partners are experiencing a positive customer experience and increased conversions. Tell us also how Shopping Actions has impacted your business. And if you have not tried it yet, please !

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