The Most Easiest Way to Create Dynamic Remarketing for Ecommerce Stores

In this blog, we'll see how advertisers can set up dynamic remarketing for ecommerce stores using AdNabu.

Note: If you're still new to remarketing and dynamic remarketing, check out our blog Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns before going any further.

Prerequisites for Dynamic Remarketing Configuration for Ecommerce Stores Using AdNabu:

Google AdWords Account
Google Merchant Center account
AdNabu dynamic remarketing app

Once you have finalized the AdWords and Merchant Center accounts that you want to use, install the AdNabu Dynamic Remarketing application and follow the steps below to fulfill the prerequisites.

Sign in your AdWords account – Once the AdNabu app is installed, you need to sign in to your AdWords account.
Link Your Merchant Center – Once you have logged in your AdWords account to the AdNabu application, you will be prompted to link it to your Merchant Center.
Check your information – The last step is to check the information on AdWords, Merchant Center and the target country.

Here it is! You have successfully configured the dynamic remarketing application.

What does the AdNabu Dynamic Remarketing application do?

Our application works in two parts. First, it automatically generates the remarketing tag and implements it on all your web pages. You do not need to edit files or do anything manually. Second, it creates audiences in AdWords. Audiences are the user profiles that interest you and that you target with your redevelopment ads. You can use these audiences when you set up the remarketing campaign. AdNabu creates the following audiences:

All visitors
Visitors to the home page
Visitors on a specific collection page
Users who have visited all products of a particular product type
Visitors who searched
People who added products to the cart
Visitors who made a purchase
Users who visited other pages

How to create a dynamic remarketing campaign?

Once the application is configured, it installs remarketing tags and creates audiences. AdNabu then invites you to create your dynamic remarketing campaign. Follow the screen shots below to complete the process of creating the campaign.

Step 1: Creating the Campaign –

 Dynamic remarketing for eCommerce "width =" 1150 "height =" 980 "pagespeed_url_hash =" 3586848803 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/> </p>
<p> You must select your Merchant Center details from the drop-down list in the first field. Then you give your campaign a name of your choice in the second field. Select the location you want to target in the third field and a group of campaigns in the fourth. Then click on </p>
<h3> Step 2: Budget Details – </h3>
<p> dynamic <img class= From implementing tags to creating audiences, we do it all .

You can also register for a free trial with AdNabu and discover the excellence of AdWords automation and optimization.

In addition, learn how to use the remarketing lists for search and to create similar audiences for Shopping ads and various other AdWords topics here .

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