Why are Google Shopping Ads trending in 2018?

Five months after 2018, we see Google Shopping Ads trend and are the favorites of business owners. AdWords users in the United Kingdom and the United States transfer up to 80% of their budgets from search campaigns on Shopping campaigns. which is correct because the 2018-Q1 reports suggest that Shopping campaigns generate about 85% of clicks. Google is "the" market. Is your business trendy in 2018? If not why?

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<h2> Why is Google Shopping Ads trendy? </h2>
<p> Google Shopping ads are clicks. But why? </p>
<p> They appear at the top of the search engine results page, and they are rich in information and aesthetics. Shopping ads are eating away from text ads. And not just on desktops, Shopping ads work well on mobile devices. </p>
<p> Even creating shopping campaigns is easier than search campaigns. For one, you can <a href= download your complete catalog of products at Merchant Center . Google creates product ads and associates them with search queries of relevant users.

Please keep in mind that users only see your ads if you are bidding enough to secure an ad placement. Why? Because your commercial competitors with similar products would also be in the auction race.

In terms of performance, the data suggests that the performance of Shopping ads is better than search ads in 2018. There are several reasons for this. Google Shopping ads are a product image, a title, a price, a store name, offers, tags, and more.

Shopping ads give users all the details at a glance. Users who click on Shopping ads are those who have a clear intention. They want to buy, and they like what they've seen, that is, your product. In addition, users access your product page after clicking Shopping ads. These landing pages capture the visitors. You can also cross sell or sell. As a result, Google Shopping ads are better converted. You can use this opportunity to get a trend for your business in 2018.

Learn how to increase the conversion rate for Shopping campaigns.

Recent changes to Google Shopping Ads:

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<p> Thinking back to the recent (pre-2018) changes introduced in Shopping ads, two of them stand out: Shopping Carousel ads and Shopping ads for generic terms of research </p>
<p> Google's Carousel Shopping ads are similar to those of Facebook. However, Google's carousel ads do not necessarily display products from the same professional advertiser. Carousel Shopping ads respond to a user search query. Google displays a set of relevant product ads for the searchers. </p>
<p> If you noticed, shopping ads were commonplace in long-term search terms in 2016. But now we're seeing shopping ads for generic search terms. Capturing these high-volume search terms worked very well for Google. </p>
<p> These changes have benefited both buyers and commercial advertisers. They contribute a lot to the trend of Google Shopping ads in 2018. </p>
<p> <a href= All about Google Shopping Showcase ads


There is no doubt that Google Shopping ads are in vogue in 2018. The leading industry leaders are speculating that this upward trend of successful shopping campaigns is going to go down well. fade very soon.

As we have seen in search campaigns, shopping campaigns will become more competitive. As a result, the cost per conversion would increase and the return on investment would decrease.

While there is still time for retailers to establish their brands, adapting to this ever-changing trend could be a real challenge. But, the market is still very young. As a result, you can make your presence felt and evolve your business in 2018. You can do this by following best practices and a data-driven approach.

Also, even though voice-based shopping powered by Google Home and Amazon Alexa are still under development, there's no harm in believing that voice trading is the future of the future. shopping.

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