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Do Popups Work for Increasing List Sign-ups? (and an OptinMonster Review)

No matter how much people might say that they hate pop-ups, they work when it's about increasing the number of people. subscribers to your newsletter.

In 2011, I started testing the use of pop-ups on different sites that I owned. Everyone I knew claimed that they found them annoying, but I did not stop hearing that they had a huge effect on conversion rates. So I bought a plugin called PopUp Domination (I do not recommend this plugin anymore) and I started doing some tests.

The results have surprised me. On the initial test site, after only two weeks, the ATC pop-up accounted for 21% of the total number of subscribers to the newsletter. Over the next few years, I continued to implement pop-ups on different sites in various niches and I kept seeing similar results.

Then the plugin that I had used was sold to a new owner. I was not happy with the quality of the plugin or customer support after the sale, so I uninstalled it until I could find a replacement.

Enter OptinMonster

When I mentioned that I was on Lookout for a new pop-up plugin, OptinMonster [affiliate link] was suggested by a few people. It's a pretty awesome plugin. It works with tons of different CMS systems (including WordPress) and ecommerce software and is compatible with 19 mailing list providers (including Aweber [affiliate link] – which is my list provider dissemination). OptinMonster also offers a technology for "post-publication" floating bar CTAs, but as part of this post I will be focusing on Lightbox technology (pop-up).

It also features something that they call "Exit" -Intent Technology. "They claim to use this technology to identify when a user is about to leave your site and trigger a pop-up window (which they claim to convert 2 to 4% of additional subscribers). not feel these results using EIT but your experience may vary.

Another interesting feature is their mobile-friendly technology.You can create specific pop-ups that are only displayed for mobile users ( such as a CTA to download your application.)

One of the things I love most about the service is the ability to customize the type of behavior. For example, you can choose to show a CTA only after a visitor has visited at least two pages and scrolled 30%.

The OptinMonster Plans [affiliate link] range from 49 $ per year (for a site) to $ 200 per year (for unlimited sites). Their "Exit-Intent" technology and mobile-specific pop-ups are only available in their Pro plan, which costs $ 200 per year.

The latest results for a blog I own

The use of pop-ups showed an impressive effect on newsletter subscriptions in 2011. But how do they work now ? Recently, I added OptinMonster to a website that I own. The website got good traffic, but its conversion rate was rather low for subscriptions to the newsletter. Prior to the installation of OptinMonster, the site contained a single letter of information, CTA, which was in the upper part of a right sidebar.

No effort was made to design the pop-up window. their pop-up theme "Simple". I've put the pop-up to load after a day of 5 seconds once the person has scrolled at least 20%. The pop-up title used by CTA was pretty generic – "Sign up so you do not miss a single update!"

The chart below shows subscriber growth statistics over the last 52 weeks. On July 3rd, I installed and launched an OptinMonster pop-up.

 Growth of the Weekly Subscriber "width =" 1774 "height =" 727 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-25311 "/> </p>
<p> conversion rate of the shape of the sidebar has been on average 0.03% since the launch of the site.The OptinMonster popup window has been converted to a rate of 0.47%, an improvement of 1400% </p>
<p> So what happened when I added "Exit-Intent Technology" from OptinMonster to a sensitivity of "20" to the pop-up of July 18? [19459002</p>
<p> This ladies and gents The addition of "Exit-Intent" technology has reduced my listings and conversion rates for the list (at least compared to the initial pop-up results above.) Here is a screenshot of the analysis of Optin Monster report for the pop-up both before and after the addition of Exit-Intent technology: </p>
<p> <img src= OptinMonster [affiliate link] although I'm not yet sold on their EIT technology. I will have to do other tests on other sites. But, overall, the plugin is worth the cost

Honing with split testing

While the pop-up obviously works, I still have work to do. I am a big fan of split tests and the plan OptinMonster Pro [affiliate link] allows you to test your pop-ups. In this way, you can test:

CTA headlinesCTA textChanges in the button textWait 10 secondsWait 20 secondsRequire without scrollRequirant 50% scrollColor changesEtc.

If you can name it (and put a realistic assumption behind it), you should test it. I prefer to test something for at least two weeks when it is possible (unless the results show negative results indicating that I should finish the test sooner). ] If you use pop-ups and have tips to share, do not hesitate to do so in the comments below.

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