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Do Your Marketing Results Matter?

Is there anything to report? Do you learn about the results you are getting, or are you continuing anyway? This blog lists the best ways to analyze your email marketing and gives the main reasons why you should pay close attention to the results … What's the point in running reports if you do not go to analyze them? You can learn a lot of exported data that can be very beneficial for your business.

Using heat maps

The study of a heat map is a great way to get an idea of ​​where the recipients are attracted by your email marketing campaigns. With the hottest areas being the most popular, you will be able to learn where to place key messages, content and CTAs.
If your main content is in "cold" regions, it may be helpful to have a mix of your
To learn more about the email recipient's email marketing habits, including the Model "F", take a look at our blog post – Using E-mail Marketing Tracking Search

Question activity of the subscriber

Are some of your subscribers becoming less active with emails? This could affect your email engagement rates, so it's worth thinking about creating a re-engagement program. In this way, you can target inactive subscribers to try to reactivate them. A simple e-mail "We miss you" followed by a special offer may entice customers to make a purchase and become active.
This could also be a great way to gain two opt-ins in preparation for the GDPR in May 2018.

Investigating Decline

Maybe the click-through rates on your emails have slowly decreased over the course of the year. This may be due to a number of reasons, but not to each of the campaigns you have sent.
To solve this problem, you must test the performance of each email marketing campaign and use this information for future campaigns. Take a look at some of your campaigns over the course of the year and compare those that have been exceptionally good to those that have not been. What were the differences?
Use this information to help you plan your 2018 email marketing campaigns and you will begin, hopefully, to see a new trend towards engagement.

Knowing the devices used

Up to 75% of e-mails being opened on a mobile phone or tablet, it is advisable to see which devices your e-mails are actually sent to.
Which devices are the most popular? Are there any new peripherals that you might need to start testing?
Being able to find this will help you continue to be able to target recipients when and where they are.

Spring cleans your data

During the year, your lists can sometimes be a bit neglected, but your subscribers are one of the most important elements of email marketing, so it's important to have a cleaning from time to time.
Add a dual opt-in process to provide peace of mind and an archived folder that individuals have signed up to receive your marketing campaigns.
A preference center allows your subscribers to update their contact information if changes occur, which helps keep your list up to date and clean.
Finally, let people unsubscribe easily if they want it. This may seem like a step backwards to make it easier for users to unsubscribe, but it's actually very beneficial to keep your data lists clean.

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