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Following last week's web engagement blog in our multi-channel engagement series, we will focus this week on mobile engagement.

As mentioned earlier in our Web Engagement blog to make your message heard is more difficult when everyone shouts at the same time, pretty much the same things. Efficient use of all channels of engagement will allow you to communicate with your users at the most favorable time.

What is a mobile engagement solution?

A mobile engagement solution allows companies to directly engage users who have downloaded their application. Mobile engagement channels include; push notifications, in-app messaging and app inbox.

What are the benefits?

Delivering highly targeted and relevant content to your audience at the optimum time allows companies to drive engagement, promote products and services, and generate a return on investment. Mobile messaging enables businesses to deliver personalized, smart messages directly to customers.
Find out how BetBright achieved an increase of more than 20% in monthly users of applications using a mobile engagement solution
. some ideas on how you could use Mobile Engagement:

Increasing Engagement via Interactive Push Notifications

Engage users of your app with interactive push notifications. Alert your users with special promotions or important information that can be fully customized and relevant to the user. Using a smart delivery system, you can send the right message at the right time with scheduled and automated push notification campaigns.
In addition, using proximity and geolocation technology, you can send a push notification. location, even if the application is not open at that time.

Communicating via integrated messaging to the application

Join users of your app by sending them personalized messages based on interactions, spending and online behavior, with no obligation to activate.
Through event automation, you can trigger messages embedded in the application. relevance of your message and stimulate user engagement. With built-in analysis, you can also use your app's messages to attract users who have abandoned a user's journey and help them go back and complete the action.

Users of the target application

By implementing an app inbox, companies can deliver relevant content to their entire audience, allowing you to target your most valuable users with special offers, important information or to generate interest. allows companies to take key actions for users and accelerate the achievement of goals such as in-app purchases or content downloads.
Using a powerful messaging center for your application, you should see an increase of 30% on average. ]

Maximizing Return on Investment

Enable analysis and optimization of real-time campaigns to manage installation and post-installation events with flexible attribution that tracks your marketing efforts to maximize ROI and users' visibility
the impact of their marketing investments and will also enable organizations to make quick decisions based on campaign performance and only in control to increase the return on investment.

Kicking in the car

Increase your attendance and increase your commitment with refund offers using push notifications and app messages.
How often do users of your app actually visit your brick and mortar store? You can drive more customers through your doors using a redemption message. These messages can encourage app users to visit their local store and claim special offers or services that give your staff the time to interact with your customers.
For more information on how a mobile engagement solution can boost your team activity or visit

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