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Emailcenter secures Trade Sale

Emailcenter UK Ltd was sold to Xtremepush, an Irish multi-channel engagement and analysis company, as part of a seven-digit sale that will allow the marketing company by email Towcester to expand its base of staff, products and services.

Founded in 2001 by a local technology entrepreneur, Nigel Williams, Emailcenter has been a pioneer in exploiting the email market potential in customer relationship management.
Selling at Xtremepush creates an integrated digital marketing service provider. Enterprise class analysis of mobile and web clients, and boosting market engagement through personalized messaging, web, application push notifications and iBeacon capabilities and geo-fencing.
According to the former Emailcenter UK Ltd the owner, who says that there is a value-added opportunity for existing customers of Emailcenter, as well as the opportunity to develop the technology company. need Xtremepush multichannel services, such as push, In-app, web push, location services, SMS or social networks, "explains Nigel Williams.
With Nigel W He will leave the company that he founded, Jason McSweeney, his co-director at Emailcenter UK Ltd, will head the UK Business.
Christian Williams also remains at the successful technology company, to support the relationships with clients and services nurtured by his father over the last 15 years. Chris Minet will also continue his role as Director of Technical Operations.

Multichannel solution

Cross-selling multi-channel analytics and engagement tools for Emailcenter customers will be a growth driver and provide the company with a unique global offering. adds Xtremepush CEO Tommy Kearns
. UK operations, in the range of £ 500-700,000 per year, for the next two to three years, for optimal business integration and customer alignment.
Xtremepush has its own technology stack and the British acquisition completes a multichannel channel "The technical capabilities that Xtremepush now possesses place us in the same position as Adobe, IBM and other service providers the medium-sized business market. "
FinRes, a Dublin-based mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, advised on the Emailcenter deal and capital strategy. The acquisition of several million pounds was funded by UK-based Capital Step, in an innovative structure related to income and debt.
The acquisition of Maxcail and Maxautomation According to Tommy Kearns, Existing Xtremepush Multichannel Analysis and Offer of Commitment Products
"Emailcenter has been an expert in the ESP market for over 15 years. They have evolved into the e-mail marketing platform of some of the UK's leading brands, and this acquisition is an ideal platform to market a complete multichannel solution, providing Xtremepush with a unique digital marketing offering internationally. " .
Xtremepush software offers a user experience effortlessly, significantly reduces costs and increases revenue, and the Dublin company has extensive knowledge and international experience in areas such as banking, sports, games, media and travel. Data-driven digital marketing services already include Saga Group, Ethiopian Airlines, MegaBus, Skypark Secure, Jardine Motors, Citybond Holdings,, Pearson Education Limited, NS & I, and Jason Atherton Group
. More than 200 corporate clients spread over 6 main sectors, including agencies, travel, entertainment, e-commerce, insurance and government. nt.
Liz Earle Beauty Co., Bars and Affinity Restaurants, Hungryhouse, Gordon Ramsay Group, Natural History Museum, Visit Britain and Go Compare are part of mainstream brands working with marketers by email.

The company doubles the value

The agreement with the UK will see the Dublin technology company more than twice as large in size and value immediately. Xtremepush was founded by CEO Tommy Kearns and Dr. Kevin Collins in 2014. The company currently employs 20 people in Ireland, Ukraine and the United States, the new acquisition bringing the total number of jobs to 41.
Xtremepush plans to hire at least 20 additional employees in the next 18 months, in roles including customer support, sales, and engineering.
"The group now includes the UK leader in providing email services for business customers." Xtremepush offers complementary products. "In geographic terms, the new UK Great Team is gives good growth fast, "says Kearns.
Xtremepush has achieved annual growth greater than 100% in the last two years and growth of about 115% in 2017 The company is aiming for 100% growth over the next 12 months, in addition to the United Kingdom courier business revenue, and will achieve this through further expansion of sales via direct channels and partners.

Sharon Bannerton
General Manager, BANNERTON
Direct: + 353 1 5311000 | Mobile: + 353 87 673 1100 | Email:
Emailcenter UK Ltd in Towcester, Northampton, was founded in 2001 by General Manager, Nigel Williams, who spotted a gap in the market for Use of email as a tool for effective customer relationship management.
The company introduced the first version of Maxemail, which has since evolved into the preferred email marketing platform of some of the UK's leading brands. automation system enabling businesses to easily create their own customer journey, streamlining an automated marketing process and strengthening customer engagement with relevant and relevant e-mails
A department & # 39; Maxservices & # 39; is also available to help Maxemail users to manage and develop their programs, allowing the outsourcing of certain aspects of the email marketing function.
Xtremepush is the world's first multi-channel analysis and engagement marketing platform. By helping global companies analyze mobile and web clients and boost engagement, Xtremepush enhances the user experience, dramatically reduces costs and increases revenue.
Key features: easy integration, business analysis, personalized messaging, web, email, push application
The company has extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as banking, sports, games, media, retail and travel.
Independent assessment by financial institutions of risk and compliance, Xtremepush offers several deployment options to financial services customers, based on their regulatory requirements, including options for private and on-premise cloud.
Last year, the company introduced new GDPR modules. play in May 2018.
A dedicated support team is available to provide ongoing strategic advice and support to customers around the world on all aspects of their digital customer engagement.

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