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Focus Your Email Marketing for 2018

Published 4 January 2018 by

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<p class= First week after the holidays – we survived, yay! A new year presents many new opportunities marketing, but where and how do you start to organize for the entire year ahead?

The best way to fight the coming year is to be Organized and plan your email marketing for 2018.

Things first, set your goals: Sit down and make a list of goals to achieve is a great way to Encourage a long-term vision and a short-term motivation.

Like most marketers, at the very top the list of goals is to improve the previous year and to do this, you must take the time to analyze the previous year!

Voi Here are some of the ways you can analyze your email marketing:
Watch heat maps
Interview the activity of subscribers
Investigate statistical declines
Know which devices are used by recipients

Read more of Analyzing your marketing year by email here

Then, spend some time doing some research. Take a look at your industry and your competitors – what's going on? What did they do? Can you see what's on the horizon for them? Also refresh your knowledge on the trends planned for 2018. The technology and tools are updated all the time, there may be something new out there for you to try!

Here are some of our predictions Finally, many marketers find it helpful to plan each quarter of the year, thus addressing and promoting key dates, events and promotions.

Content is crucial and will be the main component of your emails, so it's a good idea to have a plan of what will be sent and when. Taking the time to research and develop strategies is beneficial for any marketing team.

Our 2018 planning guide includes key dates to help you plan your marketing, enable you to connect with your audience, help drive ROI. Download it for free today!

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