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Galvanise your Shopping Cart Abandoners with Email

How many of these factors appear on your site and contribute to your abandoned baskets?

Hidden charges

If retailers add additional charges during the payment phase that are not very clear to the buyer, you may find that your discontinued rate will be higher. Keep your prices simple, clear and fair and you will see a higher completion rate of purchases.

Shipping costs

O free shipping? But only for qualified orders? Again, let the customer know in advance. In addition, your shipping costs are they out of standard? For example, if you ship a book, that the customer expects to be shipped for a couple of pounds / euros / dollars, etc. and as your site changes twice, you may find that it is a major problem for your customers. will abandon their shopping cart online.

Payment Methods

Nowadays, transactions can be completed in different ways; Debit Card, Credit Card, Paypal, Giropay, Google Checkout, WePay etc. It is therefore important for online retailers to adopt upward trends and to accept the various payment options available. for your client.

Technical Problems

If the process is broken, and the customer can not actually finish the purchase, abandonment is inevitable. Make sure you check your process and have a robust system in place to warn you of any problem that may arise.

User Experience

D do not take this for granted. How many steps must be completed to complete the order? Is it obvious that the customer completes the right zone? What security measures are in place to ensure that the client feels safe and protected? How long does your payment process last compared to other competitors? To make the user experience perfect, you will need to make sure that you address all the problems you have in the ordering process.

Forced Registration

T its links to the user experience, but I wanted to point it out. How important is it for you that your clients register and become members? If this is imperative for your business, then, by all means, ask for it before an order can be completed, however, if not, you could give the option to the customer or allow them to order in advance. as a guest. It is likely that you will always ask the same information for the most part. And after the completion of the checkout, you can easily induce them to sign up for an offer.

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