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Marketing Platform for Agencies : One platform to rule them all

Recently, I was at the London Marketing Expo and I was discussing with a marketing agency the difficulty of managing all of their client's email marketing campaigns on their current platform .

They work with more than 50 clients who individually use different platforms to send their marketing campaign. This causes a real headache for Account Managers because they have to deal with a lot of systems and slight differences in each one of them.

Our conversation initially focused on the operation of our platform for agencies, with the possibility of having multiple clients in one agency space. This gives access to their clients and allows account managers to manage each client easily within one system. During this conversation, I realized that this could be a perfect blog to talk about the effective management of your client's email marketing as an agency.

Managing my own email marketing is easy, but if you ask me to start managing a selection of business campaigns, across a variety of industries, I can see how that can become very overwhelming, long and difficult. Plus, if we had to run these campaigns on different platforms, you could just hear some blue words from my mouth.

Not only are we a technology provider to create, send and manage emails, SMS and marketing campaigns, we are also an agency, managing a number of our clients' campaigns on their behalf, so that we truly understand the challenges faced when moving from one company to another or from industry to industry. That's one of the reasons why our platform is so well set up for agencies, we wanted to make our lives a lot simpler and more productive, so we added a number of specific features to facilitate our workflow. Now, there will be many of your customers who will be eager to stay with their current provider and you have, agency, learn and manage their campaigns from there! But what are the benefits for them to switch to a system to make your life easier and potentially make their (initially) more complicated.

Better Management

– Using a single system will allow your team to become more efficient while establishing a relationship with a single provider instead of having to deal with multiple support and development teams.

More Power

– Your customers may be small individually, but collectively, they will allow your agency to have more weight in a platform to request additional features.

Reduced Cost

– The more you send, the cheaper will be your cost, so if your customers are at a lower level with their current provider, they will pay more by email or contact, but again, collectively, your customers can benefit from the lower prices of the agencies. It's up to you to see how you're charging it to your customers, so you also have more control there.

More and more agencies, like 9xb, move to Max email to manage their clients' campaigns. Find out why and how 9xb moved to Max email in our case study or read our guide to swtiching here .

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