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Multi-Channel – Boost Business With Web Engagement

Posted on 18 May 2018 by

It was a really exciting start to the year for us. After the acquisition by Xtremepush, we immersed ourselves in the multichannel universe and the solutions that we can offer.

What are the benefits of multichannel marketing?

Getting your message across and hearing it is harder when everyone shouts at the same time about the same things. So, if you can start harnessing the power of your website, app and social networks, with mobile and email, together they can produce an incredibly successful marketing campaign.

So, what can multichannel marketing offer us?

Now, with our Maxemail email and SMS marketing platform, we also offer a complete multi-channel solution, allowing you to combine all your channels, including:

Web & App Analytics, Mobile Engagement, Web Engagement, Social Engagement and Localization Technology.

This week I will focus on the Web Engagement and how to use this channel. .

What is a Web Engagement Solution?

A web interaction solution allows you to interact directly with visitors or who have visited your website.

This is achieved by using web push notifications or on-site notification.

For the push web, you need an opt-in visitor and once earned, you can reach them even when they are on a different site. With on-premise e-mail, you do not need an opt-in because you deliver content directly to your website.

What are the benefits?

As explained in the Web Push section, you can send key messages to your visitors, so you can inform them of relevant promotions, new products and even re-engage unused visitors or target abandoned baskets.

Find out how Funstage has achieved a higher conversion rate of over 50% with Web Push

Here are some ideas on how you could use Web Engagement

Reduce abandonment of the basket

Instantly communicate with visitors to your website who have dropped their baskets. By using your visitor's browsing history, you can select the optimal time for sending this notification. Through this channel, you can proactively engage visitors who give up while they look elsewhere.

Perform custom customer promotions

You know your visitors By leveraging your CRM data, you can send targeted campaigns to each user with a custom offer, product recommendation, or information.

Optimizing the retention of users

Win your uncommitted users even when they are browsing another site with personalized email, including time-sensitive offers.

Promoting similar products

Target those who have not opted for the push web with on-site promotion of similar products. View richer and more targeted content related to their browsing history.

Product Promotions in real time

Use web-based pop-ups and deliver personalized messages to your users based on their spend, browsing history, and real-time web events.

Triggers in real time

Hit users at the optimal time, with real-time triggers that can target users after they leave the site before completing a conversion, when they give up their browsing activity, after being on a page for a specified length of time or they saw a specific number of pages.

To learn more about our web engagement solution or any of the other channels, contact our team or visit

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