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Multi-Channel – Location Technology

Published on June 8, 2018 by

In our latest multichannel series blog, we will examine localization technology and how it will help brands engage their users at the right time, with the right message in the good location.

What is location technology?

Now we are not talking about your satellite navigation, but we are talking about the location technology that boosts the application's engagement with context-based location-based application notifications for users of your application. Brands can use location technology to engage their users in the right place, resulting in increased traffic and a personalized brand experience.

There are two types of location technology that you can use for your marketing.


Geofencing is a marketing technology that identifies when users enter targeted brand placements and allows brands to send targeted messages to their users in the specific geographic area


Tags are a piece of material that can be placed in particular places. Beacons use Bluetooth to estimate your proximity to the device and, close to the device, a signal is triggered.

How can companies benefit from geographic targeting?

This technology does not apply to all organizations, but if you have an application and you have locations that you can target, then this is a tool that you should really explore and use.

A number of areas may use location technology include; Retail banks, retail stores, sports clubs, airlines, airports and sports betting companies.

For the banking sector, a bank can promote its rewards program. For example, if your bank offers rewards for shopping with a supermarket, the bank can geofer participating stores and set up a campaign triggered by an event where the user receives a notification by entering the store. Or if a bank client files an online application and are regular users of the branch, you can trigger a re-engagement campaign by entering the branch to complete the application or to speak to a branch advisor.

In the retail sector, stores can geofer their locations and engage users with special offers when they enter a place. This will increase shop attendance and generate revenue. Retailers could set up geolocation fences around all your stores that will push special offers to users of your app who visit in store to make a purchase.

As with any commitment, brands want to manage the frequency of messages sent to users.
With location technology, campaigns can be triggered by entering or leaving a place or by the time spent in a place. Brands can also handle how often a user receives the message by entering or leaving a location. For example, if you enter and exit a store 5 times a day, you will only receive a message the first time.

Case Study

In the latest TBC Bank Xtremepush case study, discover how a retail bank uses location technology to engage its users, create its rewards program, and reward loyal customers.

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