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Reward Your Customer’s Loyalty

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<p class= Many businesses tend to focus their efforts on new customer promotions, but do not forget that your long-term customers would also like something in exchange for their loyalty. It may be more expensive to acquire new customers, so take care of your existing customers to reduce the cost of acquisition.

"Remember, research suggests that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire new clients than to keep existing ones …" Source

Loyalty programs give businesses a competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction.


Reward status rewards
Monthly reward statements
Repeat orders and recommendations
Exclusive benefits and offers
Event invitations

"87% of shoppers say they want loyalty programs and 46% say they change the brands they buy to maximize loyalty benefits" Source

If you do not use it right now, it's better to consider building customer loyalty and increasing their value for life.

How to implement

Use automated e-mail to trigger messages at specific times in the customer's lifecycle. The trigger could be their 3rd purchase, a renewal or even after 2 years of custom. You can also include loyalty steps, for example. If you want to reward customers differently based on their loyalty, you can. A simple way would be to include dynamic content and tailor the offer based on the number of purchases made


2 purchases – 5% discount
3 purchases – free shipping
4 purchases – 10% discount
5+ Shopping – 15% Discount & Free Shipping

Take care of these customers and give them a reason to keep buying from you rather than from your competitors.

Additional advice

Use personalization with dynamic content to customize your emails specifically for each customer. You also want the opinion of your most loyal customers to make sure you continue to meet their needs, so ask for their opinion from time to time and make them feel valued.

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