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Set Sail On Your Summer Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Published January 11, 2018 by

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<p class= Suffering from January blues? Are you dreaming of your next vacation? The majority of people are starting to search and book their summer holidays in the first week of returning to work after Christmas, now is the time to target them with your holiday marketing!

The Christmas decorations are back in their box and all the world begins to return to the daily routine January is cold, dreary and long so many people tend to brighten this time by booking their summer holidays, giving them something to work and to wait.

How can you navigate during your summer vacation? Marketing campaigns?

Dynamic Content and Customization

On average, users receive an average of 88 emails per day, making it easy to lose your emails in their inbox. The majority of your subscribers will be previous customers, so you should have saved details of their latest purchases, including destinations, preferred budget, type of vacation, etc. Even if they are not previous customers, make sure that they create an account. details of their vacations, hotels and favored / saved destinations.

It is important to use this information to your advantage by tailoring emails to destinations and types of holidays relevant to each client. If you know a recipient is a beach lover – it is useless to send them offers for ski holidays in the Alps!

The use of dynamic content and personalization will allow you to have a better chance of engaging with your subscribers and encouraging them to book their vacations!


You want your beneficiaries to dream and relax on this beach or explore this city. This can easily be done using good images – after all, an image can say a thousand words!

Make sure you read the planned content and think about the type of images that may be associated with it. There are plenty of stock photo suppliers offering thousands and thousands of breathtaking photos that are ready to be dropped into your emails with one click.

If you want to improve your game from images, consider including gifs in your emails. They are a super easy way to add a little character and fun in your email marketing campaigns. Not only do they encourage more commitment, they can also be beneficial to the recipients.


In the end, the purpose of your email marketing is to make sales, but it's worth it to not go with a complete sale. Recipients can sometimes be put off with SALE or BUY NOW all over the e-mail. Take the time to collect content for your subscribers, give them interesting information and interest them.

Automated message programs

As all Marketers now know, automated email marketing programs are a must and this certainly applies to those in the travel industry. Whether it's cart abandonment or cross selling, automated email programs allow you to enhance your customers' experience by interacting with them at crucial moments. with relevant emails based on behavior and actions.

creation includes:

Important step
Local weather
Additional information after the purchase
Anniversary / Anniversary

To learn more about make the most of the automation of marketing here .

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