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Travel Marketing – Don’t abandon your Travellers!

published on March 27, 2018 by

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<p class= Spring is here! Finally! After what looks like the longest winter of my life (I know it was not the worst winter of all time, but for some reason that I do not know), the winds of change are in the air.

I am currently discussing my vacation for the year with my family and the only way we tend to look and book a vacation is online, via our phones or laptop. We remembered how we used to book vacations, visit a travel agent and discuss the different options available, leaving agents with a bundle full of brochures and spending the next few days crossing the different destinations. available hotels. The whole process took weeks.

But nowadays, normally motivated by an email with special offers, just plug in the dates, location and type of vacation we want and are presented with all the relevant options. A brief discussion and suddenly the holidays are reserved, while sitting on the couch.

How the world has changed I was talking to a colleague about this this morning and I started to wonder how many people were still booking in person at a travel agent. After a bit of research, I came across ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2017 and lo and behold, the statistics I was looking for, 17% of the book of respondents in store (versus 19% in 2016)) and a whopping 83 % book online (compared to 76% in 2016), so it appears for once in my life, I'm very normal!

It's not really a surprise, with the ease of online shopping, that the preference for holiday bookings is to do everything online, which makes your digital marketing strategy as much more important in the travel industry.

With an emphasis on email, how do you use your campaigns! If you do not have an abandoned basket program, you are really missing, because I found that 81.6% of the baskets are abandoned on travel sites and the reasons for this abandonment are;

39% just browsing
37% price too high
21% should check with other members of the group
The booking process of 13% took too much time
9% of technical problems
7% lack of payment options

Looking directly at the first three of these responses, your abandoned e-mail program could be the solution.

For people doing research, your abandoned basket e-mail may remind them of one of the options they're considering. Use this as an opportunity to highlight the benefits of booking with you; security, customer service or your USP and to speed up the process you could offer a timed discount code to win the business.

It could also work for the camp "price too high". Would a discount be the solution to win this business?
And finally, for people who need to check with other group members, sending this abandoned basket email that details the reservation completely means that they can just share it with others at the party.

So an email that could satisfy the three main reasons for abandoning the cart.

One of our travel clients added a cart abandonment program and he was so successful that he covered the cost of the project in a week and a half. You can read all about this case study here .

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