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Using Analytics To Your Advantage.

Published June 1, 2018 by

Continuing our Multi-Channel series, we are reviewing this week's analysis for the Web and the application and how brands can use them in all their channels Communication.

Knowledge is power! But how much do you really understand about your market, your customers and their behavior? You probably have a good idea, but is that supported by statistics and actual results, or do you just make yourself understood?

Exploiting the analytic data of the places you engage with your customers will allow you to build a true picture of the customer journey and identify key drop points. This will allow the brands to change their touch points and re-engage the users at the drop points and push them further into the funnel. .

What kind of Analytics should you measure?

The key elements to consider when choosing an analytical solution are the information that will help you understand, engage and influence your user, how will you use the data and how will it be displayed ? The ideal solution will allow you to create a rich user profile based on their behavior and preferences.

As soon as companies understand who their customers are, what they want, what they do and how they travel in your funnel, you will be able to create a faithful image of your customers. This will allow you to deliver highly intelligent and personalized messages to the right stage of the customer's life cycle, which in turn will boost engagement, sales and ROI.

Where do you start?

Imagine that you are a travel agency that organizes package holidays. If you knew exactly what the users of your website and application were looking for, you would be able to adapt their communication based on this information.

For example, if you know their gender, age, past bookings and expenses, the type of place they've seen, the level of accommodation that interests them, when they looking to travel, it would make no sense to you. hire them with vacation packages that do not match their user profile. However, the use of user profile data will allow travel companies to engage their users with smart and targeted messages.

This process works in all industries, as long as you have a sales cycle with multiple points of contact, it will help deliver sales.

What can you measure?


Using a people-centric and statistical approach, an analytics platform, such as Xtremepush, can help you understand the users of your applications in detail, allowing you to create and create relevant contextual campaigns. . or push notifications.

App Insights

Considering how often your customers visit your app, how long has a location been associated with your app, what areas of your app are most popular and used, what time your app is is she the most requested? you can deliver your messages with much more relevance and timeliness and build your engagement with him.


Stop asking why users of your app are not converting and start understanding why. By using a funnel analysis, you can see at every step where and why your customers are falling.

Tests A / B / C / D / E

It is rare that you only find one campaign that can generate the most commitment, that is why it is important to test your campaigns or elements of a campaign. By using a complete split test system, you can do exactly that, giving you a glimpse of what actually works before launching the final campaign.


Do you know where the most successful campaign comes from? Which channel generated the greatest lifetime value? Finding out what works best for you in real time will allow you to make changes to the worst performers, or put more effort for the top performers and capitalize on them.

Drilling Down

Look at how your segments compare to each other. Do you need to devote more attention to one segment than the others, how can you use the high-performing segments to strengthen your campaign. By exploring the segment, you will get a wealth of valuable information, which will allow you to customize your campaigns according to each segment.

For more information on the analysis and how you could use this valuable information to drive your campaigns to greater success, contact the team or visit /

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