8 Best Practices for Mobile Landing Pages

 Optimized Home Page for Mobile "width =" 200 "height =" 158 "/> A little over a week and a half ago, I [a]<a title= blogged about my discoveries on mobile traffic website gets.

In my case, it accounted for about 3.5% of all my traffic, but that actually meant thousands of mobile visitors each year.

I finished this article with the following words:

The fourth quarter is fast approaching … but there is still time to analyze your websites, and make them more mobile-friendly (especially those that are closely related to the season) fourth quarter purchases).

But how are the "more mobile appointments"?

I was happy to find an article on this topic in this month's issue of the magazine Target Marketing . In this Brian Klais gives some great advice on how to "optimize your mobile web results". Here are the 8 best practices (both for mobile sites in general, and the optimized landing page for mobile, in particular) that I chose from this article:

Provide a clean and fast interface. No page should exceed 100 kilobytes.
Navigation must be "intuitive and refined"
Links must be labeled with appropriate descriptions (not just "click here")

Provide a search function
Do not Forget Your DEC (Calls for Action)
Flee Serving Pages That Require Horizontal Scrolling
The URLs for individual landing pages should be as short as possible. Keep them under 40 characters
Unlike normal page titles (which it is recommended to keep at 67 characters or less), mobile browsers display only the first 45 characters and, when they are bookmarked, only 25 first characters are displayed in the bookmarks section. So, you want to keep the titles short and sweet too

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