Mobile Black Friday 2011: Traffic Exceeds 14%, Sales Hit 10%

Earlier today, IBM Coremetrics released its reference report Black Friday 2011 (thanks to Bryan Eisenberg for tweeting on this subject), and although there has been was an impressive 24.3% increase in overall online business turnover compared to last year 's figures, this is an impressive increase of 24.3% in overall online business turnover compared to last year' s figures, c & # 39; is the mobile channel that has shown the most impressive growth for me.

Here are the details:

Black Friday 2011 – 7 Pcs of Mobile Statistics

Traffic – increased to 14.3% from 5.6% in 2010
Sales – up 9.8% from 3.2% year-on-year
Peripherals – The iPhone and the iPad ranked first and second among mobile devices used for online purchases (5.4% and 4.8% respectively), while Android came in third with 4.1%
Apple Shoppers – Those who use the iPhone and iPad accounted for 10.2% of online retail traffic on Black Friday 2011
Bounce Rate – Mobile shoppers demonstrated a higher laser concentration than other online shoppers with a 41.3% bounce rate on mobile devices compared to buying rates in line of 33.1%
Time on site – Interestingly, regardless of the significant improvement in the conversion rate, the average duration of a session remains around 4 min (4: 03 in 2011 against 3:57 in 2010)
Conversion rate – There was a 32.51% increase in the conversion rate of mobile buyers (from 1.97% CR on Black Friday 2010 to 2.78% this year)

Immediately after seeing these, I remembered a recent article by MediaPost by Jason Heller who among his "best tips for a holiday season" Successful digital "advised" to engage on mobile ", arguing that" with smartphones pushing to nearly 50% penetration, 2011 will surely see significant increases in mobile holiday commerce ". The above data already indicates that those who actively use the mobile channel are seeing these sales. Are you?

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