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5 Affiliate Traffic Sources to Test in 2017

The Internet landscape is constantly evolving, which means that the best sources of traffic for affiliates are constantly changing.

Where can affiliates find good traffic in 2017?

There are 5 specific traffic sources that I recommend affiliates to test this year. These are all sources with which I have been trading for a few months and with which I have had success.

I will explain what types of affiliate offers I have run and how good each source is.

Let's start with Bing Ads.

Favorite Search Traffic Source for Affiliate Traders – Bing Ads

Bing Ads is not a new source of traffic for affiliates. Bing has been trying to compete with Google for years. I do not think there is any doubt as to which companies offer a better overall search experience, but there are still millions of people who use Bing every day.

One thing that Bing certainly has for her is that Bing Ads is a much more affiliate advertising platform than Google AdWords, which is why it's my source of favorite search traffic for affiliated merchants.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'll know what your first question is.

Can I redirect link affiliation offers with the help of Bing Ads?

Yes. You can direct link affiliation offers using Bing Ads. However, these offers must comply with Bing's Advertising Policies and Guidelines .

Some affiliate network tracking links are blocked by Bing. You will need to configure a custom tracking domain (if allowed) or some sort of redirect to bypass this block. Assuming that the offer you are trying to promote follows the policies and guidelines mentioned above, you should have no problem getting approval.

 Bing Ads Affiliate Campaigns "width =" 1346 "height =" 699 "/> </p>
<p> Most of the Bing Ads campaigns I have installed over the last few months have been for my products <a href= FPTraffic and Rewst but I have also tested some PeerFly affiliate offers.

I recommend you to take a look at our best EPC on PeerFly if you are interested in an affiliate offer on Bing.

Make sure you pass {QueryString} to one of your SubIDs on your affiliate link so you can follow the keywords that will earn you clicks and conversions!

If setting up a search campaign seems too much to ask, try TONIC instead.

Domain Traffic of TONIC

TONIC is another source of traffic that is not new to affiliates, but it may be the first time you hear about it.

Or perhaps you have heard of it by its former name, DNTX .

TONIC renamed DNTX last year and they made some massive improvements (in addition to their new cool name).

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<p> They have a brand new backend that greatly facilitates the creation and management of your campaigns. </p>
<p> TONIC has two different types of traffic that you can buy from them: </p>
<p> Zero Click traffic comes mainly from domains. This is called Zero Click because the visitor does not need to click on an ad to see your affiliate offer or your landing page. They are taken directly to her. </p>
<p> POP ​​traffic comes from pop-up ads (PPV). </p>
<p> I mainly run Zero Click campaigns with TONIC and I usually promote <a href= mobile applications or pin submit offers .

Traffic is cheap and your conversion rate on a run of network (RON) campaign will not be very high, but you can optimize depending on the source you are getting traffic on TONIC.

Be sure to forward [sourceid] to a SubID on your affiliate link so you can track and optimize it according to the source!

Running Facebook Ads for Affiliate Offers

Last year, I spent about $ 25,000 on Facebook Ads. It was not enough to make me rich, but it was enough to give me an idea of ​​what works and what does not work on Facebook.

Can I manage link affiliation offers using Facebook ads?

Yes. Similar to Bing Ads, you can link affiliate offers directly using Facebook ads as long as the offer you are promoting follows the policies of Facebook Ads .

You will also need a custom tracking domain or a redirection in place when running affiliate links from most affiliate networks.

Facebook is a bit more difficult, so if your ad is rejected, do not push the problem too hard. They will ban your account. If your ad is disapproved, try a different offer or create your own landing page and route the traffic to the offer with the help of this offer.

 Facebook Ad Campaigns "width =" 1341 "height =" 763 "/> </p>
<p> I've had a lot of successful campaigns on Facebook's direct link affiliation offerings. As with any source of traffic, the profitability of your campaign requires a lot of testing and optimization. With over a billion daily users, Facebook has a ton of room to allow you to evolve your campaigns. </p>
<p> Facebook can give you a ton of data in your reports. Use the Audience Insights tool to help you in your initial searches, and then optimize based on your report data. If you can place the Facebook pixel on your affiliate or landing page, do it! </p>
<p> My most successful and longer-term campaigns were around <a href= building my own audience for a niche . I talk a lot about Facebook pages, but the audience is really what I build. I've sold over $ 100,000 of 1 product last year to a highly targeted audience that I built last year using Facebook Ads and Pages . You can do it too. Just test and optimize.

Native Ads Using Content.Ad

At the beginning of last year, I took my first shot at native native ads with Content.Ad .

Content.Ad is a friendly affiliate native ad network with a ton of traffic. Native ad networks have appeared everywhere, but I recommend Content.Ad because they are very easy to use, they have a lot of traffic and they have a minimum deposit of $ 250 to start.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of content you select when setting up your campaign. The price is different depending on the type of content you promote. It is likely that you should choose Advertorial or Advertisement, but if you are not sure, you can learn more about the types of content here .

You will also want to spend [did] in a SubID on your affiliate link. This token will pass the Content.Ad domain ID to your link so that you can optimize it based on the domains for which you get clicks and conversions.

PPV traffic from the RTX platform

RTX Platform is another source of traffic that may seem new to you, but you have probably heard of them already.

50onRed renamed its advertising platform last year in RTX Platform .

RTX Platform has 3 different channels that you can use to promote (the same ones that 50onRed used before):

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<p> I often do PPV campaigns on RTX. I've had the most success with their Pops channel, but I've tested Display and InText all the time. </p>
<p>In addition, you must check <a href= my PPV scraper if you use PPV campaigns!
 Skrayp PPV Scraper "width =" 952 "height =" 394 "/> </a> </p>
<p> RTX Platform has an outstanding user interface and fantastic optimization features. Both are still the same as the original 50onRed platform so I recommend you read these old articles if you are interested in testing them: </p>
<p> I will run traffic to PeerFly affiliate offers and my own products on all of these five traffic sources for 2017 and beyond as long as they will continue to work well. work for me. </p>
<p> I really recommend giving them a try. If you have questions, I'm here to help! Post them in the comments below or <a href= send me an e-mail .

Let's make money!

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