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A Community to Give Your Affiliate Marketing a LIFT

Several years ago, I created this blog to be able to share my experiences with affiliate marketing and talk about what I did.

In those years, my articles have been read millions of times. It has been an experience of humility and excitement to see my work appreciated by others.

The big problem with a blog is that it is very difficult to create a community experience. Of course, many of you comment on the articles and there are some decent discussions in the comments, but these are easily lost and forgotten.

So, a few months ago, I decided that I wanted to build a community for everyone that I am able to reach who is interested in affiliate marketing.

Not only do I want to build a community, but I want it to be the best community of its kind and I want everyone in this community to benefit immensely.

Not one to let this type of challenge disappear into oblivion, I immediately began to plan how I would do it.

And, on April 30, I launched affLIFT .

Although it's just a little over 3 weeks old, the affLIFT community is already starting to look a lot like what I imagined.

 affLIFT forum "width =" 800 "height =" 1380 "/> </a> </p>
<p> We have already had nearly 1,700 people joining the community and this number is growing every day as more and more affiliates hear about what we are doing. </p>
<p> I post video lessons a few times a week, showing a wide range of strategies and affiliate marketing guides, including: </p>
<p>Creating and running campaigns with ZeroPark<br />
Optimizing your ZeroPark campaigns to make them profitable<br />
Running campaigns using TONIC traffic without a click<br />
<a href= Tracking installation PeerFly and BeMob (the video is also available on my YouTube channel )
A PropellerAds example campaign
How to launch PeerFly offers on PopAds
Offer direct PeerFly links on Facebook Ads
and much more!

The discussions in the forum have already been fantastic. There is a follow-up campaign I'm doing on PropellerAds that has 3 different videos explaining how I configured the campaign and now how I optimize it to make it profitable.


We also had our first digital meeting on the forum last Monday. It will be a meeting that we will do as a community a few times a month on Monday nights.

The next will be more a webinar format where everyone will participate in the webinar and I will show examples for the source of traffic that the community decides we should be talking about.

We call it Monday LIFTUP because I want it to be a way for all of us to get together and plan our attack for the week. What did we learn from last week and what steps will we take this week to improve our campaigns and affiliate marketing?

This is only the beginning of affLIFT . Here is what some members have said up to now …

Happy to see members create profitable campaigns already! 🚀

– AffLIFT (@affLIFT) May 15, 2018

THIS IS EXACTLY what I wanted to read 1945

– Luke Kling (@LukePeerFly) May 4, 2018

Now, before jumping out of your seat, it is important that you know that AffLIFT is what I call a Premium Affiliate Marketing Community . What does it mean?

Premium Affiliate Marketing Community

This means that one must invest in the form of a membership to become a member. I have a lot of experience with freeloaders in the industry. We (the community) want people who are serious about trying to make money with affiliate marketing and take their affiliate marketing to the next level (the LIFT).

However, I want affLIFT to be affordable for everyone. I know that paying $ 100 a month is out of the question for many new affiliates.

You can currently get a monthly membership to affLIFT for only $ 20 a month and there are a lot of good options for those of you who want to pay less than that and really hold you accountable.

Membership Options

$ 20 / month
$ 200 / year
LIFETIME $ 350 (limited time option)

We currently offer a 6 month subscription for $ 100 (1 month free).

Most of our members are life members. They want to grow with the community and really understand the value.

I have an hour-long video on affLIFT that literally shows you all my campaigns on ZeroPark that currently generate about $ 10,000 a month. You will not be able to copy them, but learning all that I show in this video cost me about $ 25,000 so a $ 350 subscription does not seem so bad 🙂

We would like every reader of this blog to be part of our community. Register today and discover us!

BUT WAIT! There is more!

Here is a video shot I posted on YouTube shortly after the launch of AffLIFT. Do not hesitate to watch it and let me know if you have any questions.

Let's make money!

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