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Affkit Review – Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

Last week, I published an article on a set of keyword tools that I use to launch my ppc campaigns and do research on blogs.

I've built and published three different marketing tools over the past three years.

I spend thousands of dollars a year for various affiliate marketing tools.


Because the better your tools are, the more you have in advance of your competitors! The tools I have are allowing me to do things better and more efficiently than my competitors.

The return on investment (ROI) on a good affiliate marketing tool can be huge if you learn how to use it properly to your advantage.

So when I was introduced Affkit which gathers all the "Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools" that you need, I knew I had to have it .

Examination of the affkit

Affkit is a great product that gives you access to a ton of different affiliate marketing tools.

The product has been around for a few years and I've been using it since its original launch, but it was recently picked up by my buddy Oliver Kenyon and he relaunched it with a new interface and a new interface Of course, new tools .

Oliver did an amazing job adding a ton of new value to affkit.

affiliate marketing tools Affkit

They categorized all the different tools available in affkit to these 5 categories:

Landing pages

My two favorites (and the ones I use the most) are Landing Pages and Mobile.

Oliver asked me to give an affkit testimony since I have been using it for so long and I was happy to do so. My testimony is on the tool I've seen the highest ROI with up to now, the Back Button Redirect .

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<p> How many times did someone hit your landing page and immediately click the back button? You may not have these statistics in front of you, but I can tell you that the answer is a lot. </p>
<p> I've put up the affkit back button redirection tool on a few landing pages of my affiliation as well as a few viral media sites that I own and the results were incredible. </p>
<p> There were literally thousands of people each week accessing my site or landing page and clicking the back button without executing my call for action. This is not a huge surprise, but what was surprising is how many of them have responded well to the back button that I have put in place. </p>
<p> For example, on my viral media sites, when a user clicked on the previous button, I would redirect him to another random article on the site. This doubled my page views, which doubled my ad impressions and helped me increase my ad revenue. </p>
<p> On my affiliate referral pages, I sent the user directly to the advertiser's landing page when he clicked the Back button. My landing page was not able to presell them, but by sending them directly to my affiliate link when they clicked the back button, I was able to increase my conversion rates and my EPCs. </p>
<p> Now everyone will not be fan of return button redirects. There is some conflict with if you hurt the user experience. Personally, I have no problem with this and I found it very effective in my marketing. </p>
<p> For those who do not like the return button redirection tool, <strong> there are currently 19 tools in the arsenal affkit </strong>.</p>
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