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Building a Social Media Empire: Step 2 – Build Your Page Audience with Facebook Ads

Step 2 to Building Your Social Media Empire is all about using Facebook ads to build your page audience. If you have not read step 1 yet ( Find your place and create your accounts ), please read on to continue.

Within 3 days since I created my new Facebook page, I've accumulated more than 150 likes after spending $ 7.05 on Facebook Ads.

 Facebook Ads for J & rsquo; love "width =" 763 "height =" 242 "/> </p>
<p> There are some key elements to remember from these data: </p>
<p>You do not need a large advertising budget to start your tests. My daily budget is set at € 3 for this advertising campaign.<br />
Every day, my cost per Like is going down because Facebook is optimizing the identity of my ads based on data collected on people who respond to my ad well (I like my page).<br />
I managed to reach $ 0.03 per Like in just 3 days with the first ad that I created.</p>
<p> This is the only advertisement for I love that I am currently running for my new Facebook page and it has already been quite successful. I've been able to create a successful ad on my first try because of a strategy I use every time. </p>
<h2> My Facebook Ads for the "I Love" Strategy Page </h2>
<p> My strategy for ads for <strong> I like </strong> is pretty simple. Find the right audience and show them an ad that clearly shows that I want them to like my page. </p>
<p> I create all my commercials using the <a href= Facebook Power Editor and of course selects I like .

 Teen Ad Pub Editor's Page Facebook Like "width =" 821 "height =" 716 "/> </p>
<p> Now, let's talk about finding the right audience on Facebook. </p>
<p> We know that my audience is the one who is interested in the television show This Is Us. It's about as simple and obvious as possible. It may not be as easy to determine the interest in targeting for your niche, but when you start for the first time, do not try to be too complicated with your targeting of interest . </p>
<p> However, if you decide to run an ad targeting the interest centers targeted by other advertisers, the cost per Like will probably be higher. </p>
<p> <img class= Facebook page and Twitter so be sure to follow it too!

Start creating your new audience for your social media empire and post it in the comments below. I can not wait to hear how it goes.

Let's make money!

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