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Building a Social Media Empire: Step 3 – Consistently Post Great Content

We build a social media empire . If this is the first message of the series you stumbled on, take a look at the first two before continuing:

Find your place and create your accounts
Create an audience for your page with Facebook ads

My fan page, Everything TIU, is growing well. By using my strategy of J & # 39; s likes Facebook ads, I am currently averaging $ 0.03 per Like. I spend only $ 3 a day and I am already at 476 I like it.

The reach of the page is growing and I'm already getting commitment engagement and organic music.

 All TIU Statistics FPTraffic "width =" 1058 "height =" 961 "/> </p>
<p> The screenshot above is from the tool <a href= FPTraffic Stats . I used FPTraffic to develop my page organically and bring value to my new audience. You provide value through your content and in return your audience stays engaged. But, you must constantly publish quality content.

regularly publishes very good contents

I already have enough content planned to post on my new page every day for the rest of the month.

If I go on vacation right now, my page will continue to regularly show great content on my fan page twice a day for the rest of the month of October.

How did I do it?

I've used two different content tools with FPTraffic to collect awesome content that I know my audience this Is Us will love.

Tumblr is an awesome source of content for just about any entertainment niche. My goal on Tumblr was to find good quotes from the show.

 FPTraffic Tumblr Search "width =" 1265 "height =" 1324 "/> </p>
<p> All you have to do is click on the images you find and FPTraffic will automatically order them to publish on your Facebook page. </p>
<p> I like to shoot images from Tumblr, but my favorite source of image content is Pinterest. You can recover hundreds of images in minutes using the FPTraffic Chrome extension and Pinterest. </p>
<p> <img class=

It's really easy. In the space of about 10 minutes, using the Tumblr tool and the Chrome extension with Pinterest, I have enough content for a whole month!

 Posts FPTraffic "width =" 1265 "height =" 1324 "/> </p>
<p> So, FPTraffic will be releasing every day this great content on my Fan Page and I will accumulate reach, engagement and more fans. Easy! </p>
<p> I own FPTraffic, so I am obviously very biased about it, but I created it years ago and I continue to improve it today because it allows me to manage easily and develop my fan pages. </p>
<p> FPTraffic is $ 10 a month, but you can <a href= register today and get a free 2 week trial . You have just signed up and click on the test button. No other information is required.

I will soon increase the content to help get more engagement and to attract new fans. I am going to write an article about it with an update on how my page, content and ads are performing.

It is really encouraging to see the commitment already with such a small audience and I am excited about the future on my fans page.

My next post will be to build my Twitter, so be on the lookout for it.

Let's make money!

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