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Goodbye 7Search and LeadImpact

This year, we lost two sources of traffic that anyone who has been doing affiliate marketing for a few years probably tried: 7Search and LeadImpact .

Almost 5 years ago, I published an article entitled Traffic Sources Based on Experience and 7Search and LeadImpact were recommended there. Over the years, they have been an excellent source of traffic for our PeerFly affiliates and thousands of people have made tons of money using them.

However, the tides are changing rapidly in the affiliate marketing industry and these traffic sources have not been able to keep up.

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<p> 7Search is near and dear to my heart. I wrote my review of 7Search on November 16, 2011. I went on with a bunch of other articles on how to run and optimize campaigns using their traffic that have generated 563,558 page views. </p>
<p> LeadImpact also had a big impact on me. I spent quite a bit of money advertising with them, I had a lot of good campaigns and I published a bunch of articles that got 216,641 pages viewed on this blog. </p>
<p> But, they are both gone now, so what can we do? </p>
<h2> 7Search Alternative </h2>
<p> If you are looking for an excellent ad search network to generate traffic, then I recommend you to try <a href= Bing Ads .

I have recommended Bing Ads in my sources of affiliate traffic in 2017 and it continues to go strong.

You will find that the quality traffic is much better than what you would usually see with 7Search. CPCs will be higher, but your campaigns should be better converted.

LeadImpact Alternative

The first PPV network with which I handled the traffic was DirectCPV (no longer recommended and how are they still in business?), But the source of traffic that I have recommended the most and used the most over the years was certainly LeadImpact.

Unfortunately, traditional PPV traffic does not work as before. Desktop users are in decline and it is here that the majority of PPV networks are making their money.

However, RTX Platform (formerly 50onRed) is still alive.

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<p> <strong> RTX Platform </strong> was another source of traffic that I was recommending for 2017. It's the same platform as the one available on 50onRed to be able to track my <a href= 50onRed guide to configure your campaigns.

Another LeadImpact PPV network that you may want to consult is PropellerAds .

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<p> <strong> PropellerAds </strong> has a very nice platform where you can bid on RON PPV traffic (run of network), then optimize on source, device, support, and so on. </p>
<p> As I mentioned, the affiliate marketing industry is constantly changing and it is important that affiliates go with the flow. There are still many ways to make money, but you still have to test the traffic and search for the winning campaign. </p>
<p> Try these great sources of traffic and <a href= let me know if you have any questions.

Let's make money!

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