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Running a PeerFly Offer with TONIC Zero Click Traffic

I received many questions about a source of traffic that I recently recommended . I therefore thought it would be useful to make a little guide and explain how to bid PeerFly with TONIC's click-through traffic.

TONIC is a traffic market (ad network) where you can buy zero traffic clicks and pop.

I prefer to start zero-click domain traffic because it looks better converted. This is what is called traffic without a click, because when someone goes to one of the domains of the TONIC network, he is automatically redirected to the offer that you are advertising. The visitor does not have to click on an ad.

Let's see how you can set up a PeerFly offer in direct link with your affiliate link and start receiving TONIC traffic and conversions!

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<p> The first step is to create a TONIC advertiser account. You can find their advertiser registration form <a href= here .

Once you have registered and made your first deposit ($ 100 minimum), you are ready to create your first zero-click campaign .

Choice of an offer to be executed on TONIC

We have more than 700 affiliate offers at PeerFly that you can use on TONIC.

TONIC zero-click traffic is considered a PPV according to our standards, so you can sort all available offers by typing PPV in the search box at the top of every page on PeerFly or Going to our Browse Offers page and select PPV as a method of marketing.

Most of the campaigns I use on TONIC are mobile and I like to launch 1 or 2 click stream feeds for international countries.

Browse our PPV offers on PeerFly and pick a few to test your first campaigns.

Once your offers are ready, it's time to set up your campaign on TONIC.

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<h2> Creating a Zero Click campaign on TONIC </h2>
<p> One of TONIC's recent enhancements is the advertiser's UI. The new campaign creation process is very easy to use and you can set up a new campaign in minutes. </p>
<p> Here are the basic criteria for each campaign: </p>
<p><strong> Country </strong> – You can target one geo at a time with your Zero Click campaigns on TONIC. Choose the country that your offer allows. If it allows more than one geo, select a country to test and then create a campaign for the others you want to test.<br />
<strong> Type of Campaign </strong> – I run RON campaigns in 99% of cases, then I optimize depending on the source, but you can also choose to run a keyword-type campaign or category.<br />
<strong> Traffic Category </strong> – Most of the campaigns I run on TONIC are non-adult, but if you have a good adult offer that you want to try, you can choose to specifically run the adult traffic.<br />
<strong> Device Targeting </strong> – My campaigns are typically for mobile deals, but I have also run successful computer campaigns on TONIC.<br />
<strong> Browsers </strong> – I will normally optimize based on the browser after finding sources that work (deeper optimization), but you can select specific browsers you want to get traffic from.<br />
<strong> Tablet Options </strong> – Unless a mobile offer specifically allows tablets, I do not include them.<br />
<strong> Mobile Operations System Targeting </strong> – For most offers, I accept all mobile targeting system options until I have received traffic , and then optimizes according to what my system works best. If the offer you run allows only a certain operating system (Android or iOS only), you can select this operating system and delete the others.<br />
<strong> Carriers </strong> – One-click feed offers that I usually run only allow specific carriers. If you use a computer campaign, you will not have to worry about it.<br />
<strong> Date Settings </strong> – I have a habit of "running it"<br />
<strong> Weekly Schedule </strong> – Usually, I "Just Run It"<br />
<strong> Budget </strong> – Usually, I "spin" and then budget based on traffic if necessary.<br />
<strong> Campaign Name </strong> – I will usually put the PeerFly offer ID for the name of the campaign.</p>
<p> A very interesting feature of TONIC is that while you are adjusting the configuration of your camapign, the expected unique / month number on the right side of the page will be updated to tell you the total amount of traffic you can expect according to your criteria. . Your bid will determine your actual traffic volume, but it's good to have a general idea of ​​how much traffic TONIC has for the criteria you set. </p>
<p> You can also use the tool <strong> Traffic Estimator </strong> to get the same data before setting up your campaign if you are looking for different offers in different geos. </p>
<p> The next step (and last step) in creating your campaign is to enter your bid information and the URL of the bid. </p>
<h2> Auction for TONIC traffic </h2>
<p> Step 2 of the TONIC campaign creation process is to set your bid by redirection and enter your redirect (offer) URL. </p>
<p> Depending on the geo you selected for your campaign, the average CPC will fluctuate based on current bidders for that traffic in TONIC. </p>
<p> <img class= in their FAQ but the two that I use for my mobile campaigns are [sourceid] and [carrier] .

The [sourceid] will pass the source of the domain in TONIC from which I receive the traffic. They have a ton of different sources and it is very important that you can include the source ID as a SubID in your PeerFly affiliate link so that you can optimize based on the traffic sources.

I also use the [carrier] in my PeerFly affiliate link so that I can optimize depending on the operator if the offer allows multiple operator traffic.

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<p> To include the variables as a SubID in your PeerFly affiliate link, simply copy them and paste them into the SubID boxes on the offer page (see above). </p>
<p> Next, copy and paste your PeerFly affiliate link into the TONIC redirect URL box. Click <strong> Save and Start Campaign </strong> and you're ready! </p>
<p> Once you start getting traffic, you'll start seeing clicks in your PeerFly reports. You can run a report for a specific offer that you have set up on TONIC, and then group by the different SubIDs that you have configured in your affiliate link. </p>
<p> In the example above, I spent the [sourceid] in s1 of my PeerFly link, so if I grouped by s1, I can see the different sources I'm getting traffic on TONIC . </p>
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